Northampton County gives West Easton's newly formed police department financial boost


West Easton's newly formed police department got a financial boost from Northampton County on Wednesday.

The county awarded the borough a $20,000 Community Development Block Grant, federal money that is distributed by the county.

The project received money from the Northampton County Drug Forfeiture Fund earlier this year.

County Executive Lamont McClure says West Easton was selected in part because the borough is home to a county work release program.

"We really wanted to be a good neighbor because we have a work release facility here [in West Easton]. And we thought it was a good marriage between our work release facility…and them developing a police department," McClure said.

Current police consultant and future West Easton police chief Rob Mahady says a lot of the work, including renovating a building to house the police department, was done by himself and Borough Mayor Dan DePaul. He says the additional money will be put to good use and be used to purchase things like equipment and uniforms.

DePaul announced the borough would establish its own police department several years ago. It is currently covered by state police.