A Northampton County man has spent a lifetime on the stage, and he has no plans of stopping any time soon.

Gary Dipasquale was the name he was born with, but there was a name for he was born to do.

"I go by Gary Dee."

He started when he was 4. He's now 74.

For decades, he performed with Easton's King Henry and the Showmen. They opened for stars like Tony Bennett.

"It's just my audience has gotten older, and now they're all living in assisted living places, so I get to come in, and give them a show, where I'm a star again," Gary said, laughing."I don't get too many standing ovations, they have trouble getting up."

He's a performer, and as you may have gathered, a bit of a funny man.

Gary's audience may be getting up there. He may be too, but he really can't stop performing.

"I'll do it as long as I can, and I'm looking for more places too," Dee said.

So perhaps Gary, at 74, is just getting started.