Northampton County rolling out new voting machines with touch screens, paper trail backup


Northampton County is rolling out its new voting machines before the November elections.

The machines have an easy-to-read touch screen that generates a paper trail back-up of each vote.

The machines don't tabulate the votes. The ballots are scanned and dropped into a secure box behind the machine.

In 2018, Governor Tom Wolf ordered all counties to have a voting system with a paper trail in place by the 2020 elections.

Voters also have the option of adjusting the color and display size on the voting machine screens to make it easier to read.

"We are very excited for two reasons. One, disabled people are going to have greater access to voting in Northampton County. And two, we are making sure through this paper ballot that our election will be as secure as it can possibly be," said County Executive Lamont McClure.

McClure says the machines, which cost about $2.8 million, will be at all Northampton County polling places in November.

The county is also taking them on the road, and will be demonstrating how to use them in the months leading up to the election.