Louella Torrence has a lot of fond memories of the times she had with her husband Dennis.

The two used to travel around to different costume conventions. They bought Drop Me A Line back in 1987 when it was a card and stationary store in center city Allentown.

At the time, it only had 24 feet of Halloween storage. That changed in a month.

Then In 2000, the two decided to move the shop on Lehigh Street.

The shop has three floors filled with more than 3,000 costumes to rent and buy. Louella's had a lot of fun running the business, but she also says it was really rough on her when she lost her husband and partner three years ago.

"It was hard, I miss him. But anyway, I have to move on," Torrence said.

After 32 years, Louella is retiring and selling her business and building. She says she's looking for someone who would love to own a costume shop.

"I think it would best for the community too," Torrence said.