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PALMER TWP., Pa. – Another development project moved forward Monday night, as the Palmer Township Board of Supervisors approved a conditional-use amendment request for four distribution warehouses offered by developer FR Newlins Logistics Park LLC.

The proposal, known as First Park 33, calls for four buildings ranging from 151,000 square feet to 206,000 square feet on a 66.4-acre land tract. In totality, the buildings will encompass roughly 761,000 square feet. The project is scheduled to be erected in two phases.

At its Nov. 29 meeting, supervisors granted preliminary approval for the project and granted stormwater and construction waivers, but passed on granting two developer deferral requests. The requests called for a three-year postponement of Corriere Road and Tatamy Road improvements.

The project calls for 985 parking spaces, and is expected to attract, on average, 685 truck trips daily. The facilities will be located on Tatamy Road's west side, between Newlins Mill and Corriere roads.

Previously, the applicant stated the two buildings closest to Corriere Road will be roughly 206,000 square feet and 94,000 square feet. In addition, three car parking rows with 88 spaces proposed originally were eliminated. As a result, more open space was retained.

On Corriere Road's south side, a 30-foot high vegetative berm will be erected. Across from Howard Lane, a berm will be roughly 20 feet high, and to the southeast, a 15-foot berm will be positioned. On the berm's top, 8- to 10-foot evergreens will be planted along with shade trees and shrubbery.

Another berm is proposed also on the property's eastern side by Tatamy Road. This berm will range from 2 feet to 5 feet high. On the berm's top, a 6-foot-high opaque fence is proposed. This will screen nearby properties' views. Shrubbery and trees will provide additional buffer.

The project also requires the relocation of a Met-Ed tower. FR Newlins said previously those discussions are "developing."

Zoning ordinance

In other news, supervisors held the first of two scheduled zoning ordinance public hearings. Zoning law stipulates how land can be utilized for residential, commercial, industrial or open space.

"This process was long and slow," Chairman Jeffrey Young said. The township has been working on the document since June 13, 2018.

Residents and property owners had an opportunity to speak on the changes during the extensive hearing. A second and final hearing is scheduled for Dec. 12. Supervisors set a final vote on the proposed zoning changes Jan. 24.

2-warehouse plan

Also during Monday night's meeting, supervisors granted preliminary/final land development plan approval for two distribution centers at the southwest corner of Main Street and Van Buren Road. The vote was 4-1.

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