Route 22 reopens hours after early-morning crash


The passenger in a high profile car crash on Route 22 has filed a lawsuit. She says the man who was behind the wheel of a $300,000 sports car that crashed was drunk.

The lawsuit also names a Bethlehem bar and a hooka lounge, claiming they knew the driver was drunk but served him anyway.

The crash on September 19 blocked traffic on Route 22 for nine hours.

Investigators say the MacLaren rear ended a box truck. The driver of the box truck and the MacLaren were not injured, but the passenger of the sports car, 30-year-old Kelsey Gibson, was ejected.

State police are still investigating the accident, but a lawsuit filed by Gibson's attorney claims the accident was the result of drinking and driving.

The lawsuit contends that the driver, 40 year old Alfred Delgado, was drinking before the accident when he visited Revel Social and H2O Hookah Lounge in Bethlehem with Gibson.

The lawsuit claims Revel Social and H2O Hookah Lounge continued to serve Delgado alcohol when he was visibly intoxicated. After the accident, Gibson spent weeks in the hospital with serious injuries.

We spoke to Alfred Delgado who said he wanted to talk to his attorney before making a comment. 69 News also reached out to the owners of Revel Social and H2O Hookah Lounge but they have not responded to our requests for comment on the lawsuit.