People in Lehigh Valley do their part to squish spotted lanternflies


You've heard of the tango and the shuffle, but how about the lanternfly stomp?

You could say it's the latest dance craze in places like downtown Allentown, where a pesky bug is driving people a little batty.

Pablo works for the Allentown Clean Team. For the past several weeks, he's been on lanternfly duty, which is keeping him pretty busy.

"I've had at times I would say about a half a can here," he said.

He's doing the best he can along Hamilton Street, but he only works a few hours in the morning.

Afternoon clean up? That's left to everyone else, like Clint who spends a lot of time maintaining Tim Horton's exterior.

"We're using Clorox and sweeping every day pain in the butt but it pays the bills so," he said.

Katy, who's burdened by the bugs outside Token Boutique, has turned it into something positive.

"One of my new favorite hobbies is actually coming out and trying to squish them," she said.

Katy has become a seasoned pro at knowing how to effectively squish the flying creatures.

"Don't try and step on it too fast because then he'll jump away you want to hover your foot over it and then just come down very slowly and just do a little twist," Katy said.