Driver allegedly hits fellow motorist with wrench


A woman was charged after Bethlehem police said she made a 911 call saying she was about to kill her family.

Joselyn Rodriguez, 22, who lives in New York City, called the Northampton County 911 Center on Aug. 28, Bethlehem police said in a news release.

Rodriguez had identified herself as an Amanda Piper and told the 911 operator she lived on the 400 block of E. Geopp Street in Bethlehem, police said.

Rodriguez allegedly told the 911 operator she was about to kill her family because she hadn't taken her medication, adding she was currently choking her five-year-old nephew, police said.

After officers responded to the address they tried to get somebody to open the door several times. Officers found a male asleep in the residence after they damaged the door to gain access to the house, police said.

Police learned through investigation the false 911 call came from Rodriguez, an ex-friend who lives in New York City, police said.

Rodriguez faces several charges, including a count of communication with 911 systems, for making a false 911 call.