ALLENTOWN, Pa. - Inside the Allentown Fairgrounds, shoppers are sizing up the turkey selection just in time for Thanksgiving, and while for some shoppers this is just a part of their annual tradition, but for others shopping for a turkey this year is more stressful.

One customer said, “We are actually having steak for dinner; my family is doing steak this year because turkey is just out of the question.”

Due to the avian flu cutting down on supply this year, the demand for turkey is driving prices drastically higher.

“It's absolutely absurd these prices are, every time I go to the store it gets worse and worse. I can sit there and talk to a total stranger and they're experiencing the same exact thing.”

Unfortunately, turkey is not the only thing going up. According to the American Farm Bureau's Annual Survey, Thanksgiving dinner will go up nearly 20 percent for families which could also directly affect sales for small business owners.

“Usually every year we sell big amounts of sweet potato, I haven't seen too much yet, hopefully everything works out and people want to buy,” said Southern Delights employee David Cruz.

While produce, meat, and wine all contribute to holiday meals, some say the costs of those items are making this Thanksgiving more expensive as well.

“The fuel cost to bring the stuff across the country, and just supply and demand, we had some terrible storms and I expect some stuff to increase,” said Red Barn Produce Manager Kirk Kressly.

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