ALLENTOWN, Pa. - The roads and skies are always bustling the night before Thanksgiving, and this year's no different. 

Some folks on the road for most of the day say they're just glad they haven't hit any snow so far, as AAA calls this the third busiest Thanksgiving travel day since the start of the millennium.

Just because gas prices are up, don't expect fewer travelers on the road or in the skies this year. AAA says travel is up to about 98 percent of pre-pandemic levels, predicting nearly 55 million Americans are traveling 50 miles or more this holiday.

And though 49 million will be driving, the number of people flying is also up almost 8 percent in the last year.

Some with shorter trips Wednesday night are happy with the roads so far.

"Roads have been fine, I'm sitting in the back seat, so I'm comfortable," said traveler Nasir.

Triple A had advised traveling in the early morning for those heading out Wednesday. As far as Thursday goes, Triple A says try to get all your driving in before 11 a.m. After that, avoid traveling altogether between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

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