'Robocalls are scams, period': Police warn of scam calls


Bethlehem Police Chief Mark DiLuzio says there is a sharp uptick in scam calls, and the scammers are targeting everyone.

"Number one clue, robo calls are scams, period," DiLuzio said. "I received one from the IRS telling me that I had several arrest warrants for back taxes."

But it wasn't the IRS. It was someone hoping DiLuzio would give out personal or financial information.

The Federal Trade Commission posted a national advisory this week about a social security scam.

"Social Security and Medicare do not call you on the phone and ask personal questions and information," DiLuzio said.

So what should you do if you get a scam call? Ignore it or hang up. You can also block the number in your phone.

But if you're concerned the call might be legit, Google the agency or company, or look the number on your documents.

Lastly, treat unsolicited text messages like scam calls.

A recent Venmo text scam sent consumers to a fake website, where their information was compromised.