"They are insecure and administration panels are easily opened and tampered with."

Attorney Leslie Grossberg is talking about the ExpressVoteXL voting machines. The machines used in Northampton County malfunctioned last November causing a paper ballot recount.

Grossberg's clients, voting security groups, recently filed an injunction with the Court of Common Pleas to block the XL in 2020. The groups cite immediate and irreparable harm to the election.

"Decertification of the ExpressXL is the goal," Grossberg said.

In December the machines, also used in Philadelphia, received a vote of no-confidence from the Northampton County Election Commission Board.

A state hearing is set that could decide to keep or toss the XL.

"Do you have a plan B?" WFMZ's Bo Koltnow asked Northampton County Executive Lamont McClure, if the court tosses the machines.

"The plan is to move forward with the XL as is. The problems on election day have been fixed," he said.

McClure says the machines weren't hacked and contends they can't be.

Counties are responsible for picking new machines. McClure didn't say if the county has a plan B if the XL's are blocked.

"Could the primary be disrupted if they were to go against the state?" Bo asked McClure.

"Unfortunately that is correct, could be an issue with primary. Could be a disruption of 20% of the vote in PA," McClure said.

However, Grossberg says different equipment could be acquired in time for the April primary.

That state hearing is set for January 28.