State representatives weigh in on AR-15's being used in Allentown nightclub shooting


Two local state representatives are weighing in on reports of A-R-15's being used in the nightclub shooting in Allentown that injured 10.

Democratic Representatives Mike Schlossberg and Peter Schweyer issued a joint statement Friday.

Schweyer calls the use of an A-R-15 being used "almost predictable," saying the weapon has "become the go-to choice for murderers across the nation."

Schlossberg compared the Allentown shooting to mass shootings in Newtown and Orlando, saying "No community is safe from the effects of deadly assault weapons."

The two have been working with other state lawmakers to prevent gun violence.

Schweyer has introduced a bill that would prohibit the sale of so-called assault weapons to anyone under the age of 21.

His proposed bill makes an exception for anyone in the military.