State Theatre announces 2018-19 lineup


EASTON, Pa. – Representatives of the State Theatre in Easton announced that they’ll be changing the show lineup for future productions.

President and CEO Shelley Brown told city council members Wednesday night that the theater will be turning its attention towards Broadway productions amid struggles with booking big names for its shows.

The decision came after several years of not being able to meet bid territories for big name performances that other theaters in the Lehigh Valley were able to achieve.

Brown said that this year, the performing arts center released its first program in years without any headliner names. The program instead features a wide variety of musical performances including several major Broadway productions.

According to Brown, fewer big names was exactly what the non-profit organization had in mind, and a good way to give the community what it wants.

“If your theater is all about what’s on your stage, then you won’t survive,” Brown said. “But if your community wants a theater, you’ll come up with a plan. Our community clearly wants a theater.”

Brown emphasized how bringing such performances to Easton was a helpful way to see Broadway shows on a budget as opposed to spending a fortune in New York.

“These shows are expensive to put on, but if you’ve been to Broadway lately it’s nothing compared to what it costs now,” Brown said. “It’s not that New York isn’t great, but you can park here inexpensively, have a beautiful dinner and see a top notch show.”

Recently, the theater featured “Beautiful”, a Carole King musical. On Dec. 12, it will feature “Jersey Boys,” which is a biopic about Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Brown said both of these shows sold out the day public ticket sales began.

Brown said the production companies are quite impressed with the appearance of the State Theatre in Easton, which has seen vast improvements over the course of several years.

Within recent years, the non-profit organization has put major work into their facility, including $24,000 worth of masonry work, elevators, new bathrooms and a new bar which helps bring in revenue.