EASTON, Pa. - When you think industrial, you don't think sustainable. But the two are merging.

That was the topic of the sustainable warehouse forum hosted by Green Building United and the Lehigh Valley Planning Commission at Lafayette College Friday.

"Green Building United brings together allied professions - so architects and engineers - to work with folks like us," said Lehigh Valley Planning Commission Executive Director Becky Bradley.

The event, part of a series, brings together students, experts, and decision makers on topics like alternative building methods, new materials, architecture, transportation, and policy.

"The attitudes have changed in the last decades because the younger generations are asking and demanding for use to look beyond the economics of the project, to the people, the planet, and the prosperity of the project," said Scott Kelly, an architect and sustainability consultant based out of Philadelphia.

Kelly says there is no one solution.

"If you layer several ideas and you stack the benefits of those ideas, that's when you get the best return on your project," he said.

There's also been an attitude shift from businesses, which are starting to understand the benefits for the bottom line.

"Because these tenants have made commitments, ESG climate commitments, greenhouse gas reduction commitments, the builders of the buildings are recognizing that they need to bake sustainability in from the start," said James Hayes, with the Stone House Group in Bethlehem.

"What it's really working towards is a more sustainable, climate-resilient environment for everybody," Bradley said.

The next event tackles planning and zoning.

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