Walmart customer arrested after making Temple University threats


A man with ties to Bucks and Northampton counties has been charged with making threats toward Temple University while he was purchasing ammunition at a Walmart store.

Police say a potential mass shooting at Temple has been averted thanks to the folks at the Walmart in Tullytown, Bucks County.

"A stitch in time saves nine," said Bucks County District Attorney Matthew Weintraub.

Investigators say as 29-year-old Patrick Buhler bought five boxes of bullets commonly used in an AR-15 semi-automatic rifle Wednesday at the store, Buhler made concerning statements about Temple to two different customers.

"He was making threats that were not only concerning but ended up being criminal," said Weintraub.

Buhler said he knew who patrolled the campus, what their response time was and that he bought the ammo because he knew cops wear bullet proof vests. He even said you will see something on the news in the next couple of days and weeks. Weintraub says the comments did not sit well with Walmart's staff.

"They did a background check of their system and saw that this now-defendant was making very similar purchases at Walmarts in the area,"

Police say Buhler bought more bullets, knives, propane tanks a two-way radio and binoculars at those stores. They arrested him Thursday at his house in Morrisville but did not find any guns. He also has a home in Upper Mount Bethel Township, Northampton County.

Buhler told cops his comments were a mistake and he did not know what he was thinking when he said them. Yet he was arrested this past April in Flemington, New Jersey for illegally possessing assault weapons, rifles, handguns, large capacity magazines and multiple rounds of illegal ammo.

"We were lucky in this situation. We were able to nip a potentially deadly and explosive situation in the bud," said Weintraub.

He was arraigned Saturday on misdemeanor terroristic threats and harassment charges and taken to the Bucks County Jail.

A Temple spokesman says the university is aware of the situation and cooperating with authorities. We reached out to Walmart for comment but have not heard back.

"Believe me we're gonna keep a close eye on him," said Weintraub.

Buhler has previously faced several weapons charges, including one count of second-degree possession of an assault firearm.