BETHLEHEM, Pa. - Lots of people are certainly looking to get outside and enjoy the warm weather this weekend. But it's not great news for everyone.

Rick Cantelmi, owner of Cantelmi Hardware in Bethlehem, is bummed. He said he personally hates the snow but it's what keeps his business afloat throughout the winter. The later mother nature decides to hold out, the less money he makes.

Cantelmi has piles and piles of rock salt just sitting in the basement of his hardware store. If only mother nature would give customers a reason to use it.

This weekend forecast predicts temperatures in the low sixties, which is good if you want to get out, but bad for business at hardware stores across the region. And Cantelmi knows, he says they all talk.

"The phone calls have been going between my friends and I've gone out to breakfast with people. We sit and cry in each other's coffee in the morning and talk about this," Cantelmi said.

As they know, crying doesn't always help you get your way, so all they can do is hope for one good storm, or any bit of wintry weather, to get things back on track.

"We are praying for snow," Cantelmi said.