11-5-19 NASA Astronaut Andrew Morgan.jpg

NASA astronaut Andrew Morgan poses in a U.S. spacesuit, also known as an Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU), on April 30, 2019.

NEW CASTLE, Pa. - An election official in Pennsylvania didn't think anything of the absentee ballot application until he saw the out-of-this-world voting location.

The New Castle News reports that the application to Lawrence County's voter services department listed the location as "International Space Station, low Earth orbit."

Director Ed Allison said his reaction was "What?" But then he found out that astronaut Andrew "Drew" Morgan, currently serving as a flight engineer aboard the space station, has an address in Neshannock Township and is a registered voter in the county.

County IT director Rick DiBello set up a secure email and password and a fillable PDF file that Morgan received, filled out and sent back.

DiBello said he thought "that is pretty cool," and Allison called it "very, very cool" - and he added: "This is the future."