New Jersey lawmakers near vote on recreational cannabis


HARRISBURG, Pa. - Two Pennsylvania state senators introduced a bill that would allow people over 21 years old to use cannabis.

State Senator Daylin Leach (D-Montgomery/Delaware) and State Senator Sharif Street (D-Philadelphia) introduced Senate Bill 350, according to a news release from Senator Leach's office.

Home delivery of cannabis would be legal. Deliverers would be able to start their own company or work for dispensaries and would be able to use any form of transportation to deliver cannabis, according to the release.

People would be allowed to grow up to ten plants for personal use in their homes.

The tax revenue collected as a result of the bill would be appropriated to school districts. The districts would be able to spend the money any way they choose, including by hiring more teachers.

The bill provides for automatic expungement of previous criminal convictions, dismissal of pending charges, and commutation of sentences.

The president pro tempore of the Senate will assign the bill to a Senate committee for consideration.