Pennsylvania Real ID

HARRISBURG, Pa. — PennDOT wants to remind people that they have only a few more months to get their Real ID-compliant driver's license or identification card.

Real IDs are federally-mandated forms of identification. They have enhanced safety features and take the place of the driver's license or identification card that state residents have now.

Brent Lawson - PennDOT's risk management director

Brent Lawson, PennDOT's risk management director

"All of these measures are important enhancements to fight against fraudulent driver license or identification cards being produced or used. Fraudulently obtaining and using a counterfeit product can have an adverse impact on highway safety and national security, so the need to deter and detect fraud is of paramount importance," Brent Lawson, PennDOT's risk management director, said in a news release. "These new security features make it more difficult to produce a fraudulent product."

All of the state's driver's license and photo centers will transition to the new cards by mid-November. The deadline to get a Real ID in Pennsylvania is May 3, 2023.

If you do not have one, you will need to show other forms of ID, such as a passport or military ID, to board a plane or get access to a military base.

Pennsylvania Real ID driver's license

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