DERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. – As House Democrats put forth two articles of impeachment, crowds of supporters and protesters filled the parking lots around the Giant Center in Hershey on a rainy, windy day, hours before President Donald Trump's "Keep America Great" rally.

Trump took the stage in front of a capacity crowd, while still many more waited outside the arena in at times adverse conditions.

"You know, we set up screens outside and if anybody would like to stand in the rain watching and to you people out there, I'm sorry, it's pretty rough," Trump said.

"Just got the umbrella and staying dry," Trump supporter Denise Rapp said.

"Today has been very wet and cold, but I've been here since about 2 setting up our tent," protester Susan Roller said.

Trump's supporters and protesters braved the wet, windy weather to be on hand and voice their opinions on the articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

"I agree with them and the reason I agree with them is when Bob Mueller gave his enumeration to the Congress the day after Trump called Ukraine and said, 'We'll release the $400 million but you need to do us a favor,'" protester Stephen Moyer said.

"They were issued and taken in stride that this is just another accusation of something that they have yet to prove," Trump supporter John Maldenetz said.

As President Trump brought up local elected officials that support him in Pennsylvania, many outside realized the importance of Pennsylvania, as we are less than a year out from the election in 2020, and the issues that are important to them.

"People's welfare, social security, Medicare, climate, environment, women's rights," Roller said.

"Every vote counts, and as much as possible as we can get the truth published about what's going on, people can make their own opinions and make good choices," Maldenetz said.