SELTZER, Pa. - Have you see the national Bud Light Seltzer campaign featuring a small town in Schuylkill County?

That's actually a trick question. Because while Seltzer, Pa. does exist, and company representatives were recently there for a launch party for spiked seltzer, the commercial floating around doesn't actually include any shots of the real town of Seltzer.

Actors portray the "mayor" and "sheriff" of Seltzer in the ad, but the real town doesn't have a mayor or a sheriff.

However, people in town say the company did shoot footage of the town while they were visiting, so they're hoping maybe the town will pop up in future ads.

If not, they're still happy for the shout out.

Seltzer, Pa. is a town of just over 300 people. While company representatives were in town they also gave a $15,000 check to the fire company.