It's been almost a week since a drug deal turned robbery in the Poconos left two young men dead.

And Tuesday night, the family of one of the victims spoke to WFMZ's Josh Rultenberg.

Lorie and D.J. Durante, Khalil Durante's mother and brother, say they are holding up as best as they can right now.

Khalil was shot last Wednesday, along with his father, Walter, and Dylan Beinert. Both Lorie and D.J. say they are proud Khalil tried to save his friend and father.

Police say Khalil, Walter and 22-year-old Dylan Beinert were set up by 19-year-old Deani Powell.

They say Powell, her 21-year-old boyfriend Matthew Burke, and two others planned to rob Beinert of his weed at his home on Silver Maple Road in Chestnuthill Township. But the planned robbery turned into cold-blooded killings.

Burke allegedly confessed to killing Beinert, Khalil Durante and shooting Walter Durante. Powell and another man have also been arrested.

"It's horrible because it's pure evil," said Lorie.

D.J. says Khalil, a 23-year-old grill cook at Pocono Brewing Company, was loved by everyone and fiercely loyal.

"Khalil was the type of person he would do anything for his friends no matter what the situation was if they're in trouble he's gonna do his best to help them out," D.J. said.

Police say Khalil jumped in and fought the robbers before Beinert was killed. Then police say Burke told Khalil to "say your prayers" before shooting him and his dad.

"If that was true, my brother's prayers came true, that much I can say," D.J. said.

D.J. and his mother believe Khalil prayed for his dad to make it out alive. They say it's a miracle Walter will survive.

Meanwhile Lorie and D.J. pray the other suspects are brought to justice.

"Just turn yourselves in. You've caused enough pain," D.J. said.

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