SAYLORSBURG, Pa. - A filmmaker and veteran from Monroe County is crediting his time in the military for getting him on the right track. He says without the four years in the Air Force, he's not sure what he would be doing.

Ralph Lucchese has been working behind the scenes of some of the hit TV shows. He started on the cop series S.W.A.T, and that has turned into other projects in Hollywood.

Lucchese graduated from Pleasant Valley High school in 2010, but says he had some trouble.

"I went on to go to Bloomsburg University which I failed out of," Lucchese said.

He failed out of Northampton Community College and finally joined the Air Force.

"The overall outcome is that it's not about yourself, it's about everybody around you and making sure everybody around you is okay. You kind of learn to not be selfish in that regard," Lucchese said.

Lucchese says after getting discharged he took his training and went to the Los Angeles Film School. He says everyday he remembers the words in basic training: keep moving forward.

Moving forward has led to a creating of a documentary called the Ryan Detrick Story and it will debut at Blue Ridge Winery in Saylorsburg later this month.

"I think if I never went and I tried to follow my dream of being a filmmaker at the age that I thought I wanted to be a filmmaker, I probably would have quit by now," Lucchese said.