STROUDSBURG, Pa. - The jury reached a verdict Thursday night in the trial of a groom accused of assaulting a bridesmaid, two days before his wedding.

After nine hours of deliberation, a jury in the Poconos found Daniel Carney guilty on four out of the five charges he was facing. He was found guilty of attempted sexual assault, aggravated indecent assault without consent, simple assault, and indecent assault without the consent of others.

He was found not guilty of attempt to rape an unconscious victim.

Carney walked out in handcuffs Thursday night, and faces significant jail time after being found guilty of two felonies and two misdemeanors.

Jurors went out for deliberation just after 12:30 p.m. Thursday, and asked the judge if they could review a portion of surveillance video at around 4 p.m. They asked another question about a definition of a charge at around 6:35 p.m.

The prosecution said Thursday that video shows Carney pulling the alleged victim into the Shawnee Inn locker room before the reported assault, and then, Carney's wife and her maid-of-honor finding them.

It also shows the bridesmaid swaying and unable to stand up straight once everyone leaves.

Carney testified she came onto him, as he was going to take a shower, but the prosecution points out he didn't bring anything with him, except her.

During closing arguments, the defense reminded the jury that a man on the tubing trip said he saw Carney and the bridesmaid drunk, mutually canoodling and walking away from the river on their own, without Carney leading her.

The defense attorney James Swetz stressed, "blackouts are not the same as being unconscious" and "failure to remember doesn't mean you didn't do it." He insisted the parts the bridesmaid did remember didn't add up.

He noted Pennsylvania law says the jury should consider that the bridesmaid waited to report, while a victims response expert said that's normal behavior among survivors.

Meanwhile, the prosecution recalled how the first thing the bridesmaid said to the maid-of-honor upon being found was "what happened?"

Monroe County Assistant District Attorney Christy Schlottman said the alleged victim spent the next couple of days trying to get answers to that question, and was distraught to find how long she was with the defendant in the locker room.

The prosecutor said the 13 bruises on the bridesmaid's body couldn't have all been from falling in the river like the defense insinuated, and that medical personnel said her condition was consistent with sexual assault.

Schlottman ended her closing argument by reciting the quote, "stand before those you fear and speak your mind, even if your voice shakes."

The prosecutor commented on the victim's reaction after the verdict was read: "She's overwhelmed with emotion and I think she's pleased with the verdict as well. She and Detective Leary are happy about justice."

Carney's attorney declined to do an interview.

Carney was out on $100,000 unsecured bond prior to the trial. The judge modified that to $75,000 secured bond. 

Carney is now in the sheriff's custody. Sentencing is scheduled for late July.

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