The Luzerne County Election Board voted Wednesday to certify the Nov. 8 election results.

The vote was 3-2.

The vote happened after some uncertainty over the last few days. The board initially deadlocked at a Monday meeting, which resulted in the results not being certified.

The midterm election voting process did not go off without a hitch on Nov. 8 in Luzerne County. Supplies ran short in a number of polling places, disrupting people from voting. So much so, a judge kept the polls open an extra two hours that night. That caused election officials to question whether the results are accurate, and voters who turned up at the Monday meeting when the votes were supposed to be certified expressed their concerns.

"I don't see how you can possibly certify just on what's been said already without a thorough investigation, because this was a fiasco," said one person at the meeting.

Two of the five election officials agreed, both Republicans. They voted not to certify the results. They told the Associated Press they are not confident that the election was free and accurate, even going as far as to say some voters were denied the right to vote. But, like the election board, public opinion was split.

"I have confidence that you fulfilled your duty to canvass and compute the ballots, and now urge you to complete your final statutory obligation and certify the election," said one person at Monday's meeting.

Two of the Democratic officials did just that. One Democrat, Daniel Schramm, the fifth and deciding vote, abstained from voting, leaving the election results in limbo. Hours later, Schramm spoke to the Associated Press, saying he received assurances from the judges of elections that no one was turned away at the polls to cast ballots and that he planned to vote in favor of certifying the election results at he Wednesday meeting.

Had the board not certified the election their attorney warned the county could have been hit with a number of lawsuits and face legal battles with the state.

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