Through the smoke and the blaring sirens, a bloody scene unfolds at Pocono Mountain West High School. But this is not real.

"We had a few of our most well-known students in our school put on a show demonstrating what an actual car crash would look like, something that's very horrific where students would pass away," said high school student Katherine Albitz.

Students Against Destructive Decisions have been working with area emergency responders and local law enforcement to send a message to their classmates.

"Everybody that's going to be going to prom next week and just warning them of the dangers of drinking and driving and texting and driving and just distracted driving in general," said student Christian Ferman.

"It's a major problem with teens nowadays, everybody has their phone, everybody's texting or they're listening to music and they're not paying attention," said Zachary Janes, with the Coolbaugh Township Fire Department.

The student body watched as some of their classmates were taken away in ambulances, flown out on the Medivac, and loaded into the coroner's van.

"The shock value of that I hope goes a long way, you know because you're talking about immature minds, they're still developing and this kind of visualization I think was great," said Mike Mancuso, First Assistant District Attorney in Monroe County.

"It made me realize that the phone is really not worth it, it's not worth the risk," said student Nurrah Muqarrabian.

The Pocono Mountain School District says it holds demonstrations like this every year in the hopes scenes like this will not play out in real life.

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