NORRISTOWN, Pa. - At Norristown's Elmwood Park Zoo eagles are visitors' first view. However, one in particular is seen by tens of thousands on football Sundays.

"What is it like to be at the Link with Reggie?" WFMZ's Bo Koltnow asked Laura Soder.

"It's a lot of me staring at him for a few hours. Making sure he is comfortable," she said.

The Del Val University grad is the Zoo's Manager of Ambassador Engagement, and is training Bald Eagle Reggie to be a live mascot for the Philadelphia Eagles. And Great Horned Owl Stella for Temple University.

"She had a late Temple basketball game last night, so I'm glad she wanted to be here this morning," Soder said of Stella.

Both birds are injured and can't fly.

"This is his perch. This is where he sits," Soder showed us as Reggie stepped onto the his movable ledge.

Like any teammate trust is key, especially for Reggie, as his razor sharp talons can squeeze 400 pounds of pressure per square inch.

Food and repetition are the training tools.

Both serve as ambassadors teaching empathy and conservation.

"With Reggie and Stella when come out to do different programs may do a couple of things to show us, so never forced into a situation," she said.

Reggie's next game is a big one, December 22 against the Dallas Cowboys.

"We are hopeful good luck, got feisty attitude, a little underdog himself and bring that to the game," she said.

Win or lose the birds eye view can't be beat.