DOYLESTOWN, Pa. -Walking around Doylestown it's hard to miss the charm of the Bucks County Borough. However, it's also hard to see any green space.

"I'd love to see people gather and enjoy the center of town," said local realtor Heather Walton.

For the past decade she has wanted the Fountain House's cobblestone parking lot turned into a public park.

"Trees, flowers, benches, tables," she said.

Reclaiming stone back into dirt.

"How important is it to have this as green space?" WFMZ's Bo Koltnow asked Mayor Ron Strouse.

"It's a priority," he said.

He says a conversation is happening with the borough, the building's owner and current tenant coffee giant Starbucks. Strouse says a decision could come in the spring but admits the devil is in the details.

"We need some clarity from Starbucks, from the owner what they envision," he said.

Starbucks leases seven parking spaces which Borough Council President Jack O' Brien says would need to be relocated.

"Parking is always an issue in town. Those are 6-7 spaces that are in prime location in center of town," O'Brien said.

Spaces could be moved to the lot behind the Fountain House, a move Sue Lonergan and her Newfoundland Gracie would make room for.

"Can be dangerous at times with people coming and out," she said about parking in the cobblestone spaces.

The building's owner plans a historic renovation starting in spring. Walton, who's from Boston and cites the open spaces of New England towns, is hopeful those plans include more than just a touch of green.

"I think a traffic calming for this busy corner of State and Main behind me. Will help in a lot of different ways and be beautiful," she said.