NFC Championship game

PHILADELPHIA - If you don't already have a ticket to the Eagles game this weekend, be prepared to shell out a big chunk of change to watch the game at the Linc.

That's because the game is now completely sold out, and the only tickets still available are being re-sold for a profit. On Ticketmaster as of Tuesday night, the cheapest seats in the nosebleed section were going for $660. People hoping for tickets cheaper than that were trying to buy them Tuesday morning on Ticketmaster's website, but they quickly found themselves in a virtual line with thousands of other people.

The digital queue opened up just after 9 a.m. Tuesday. The message most people got was more than 2,000 other people were looking for tickets, too.

"It's been 50 minutes and it looks like the queue is about halfway through," said Derek Jared, an Eagles fan interviewed by our partner station 6ABC in Philadelphia.

Jared said he was willing to drop good money for good seats.

"Right now I'm looking at maybe buying two tickets, and that's probably going to cost, for where I want to sit, five grand," said Jared.

That's the kind of money most people will find themselves spending if they didn't get one of the tickets Tuesday morning. Many people missed out, even though they tried. Like one woman who commented on our WFMZ Facebook page, who said she logged in Tuesday morning, and at 10:11 a.m. she got a message that standard tickets were sold out. Another woman who commented said Ticketmaster's site thought she was a bot and she couldn't get on.

But one ticket resale site, called TickPick, tells us the best time to buy might be a few days from now.

"We think Friday will kind of be the sweet spot as total availability of tickets and hopefully the best price possible," said company representative Kyle Zorn.

According to Ticketmaster's website, to prevent people buying loads of tickets and reselling them, they have a four-ticket limit on purchases, but Ticketmaster and other websites will be selling right up until gametime. So if you want to go, there's still time.

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