LANSDALE, Pa. - "Ben Hartranft, come on down!"

It's the famous slogan from the hit CBS show "The Price is Right."

And it's a slogan Ben Hartranft knew he'd hear for himself one day.

"I said I want to be on there one day and I did it," said Hartranft.

Ben was diagnosed with autism at two years old. But it's something that's only motivated him to squeeze the most out of life.

And that included being a contestant on "The Price is Right."

"I had my fingers crossed thinking, 'oh gosh I hope they pick me.' And it worked out- it worked out," said Hartranft.

Not only did Ben get inside the LA studio, he got picked to play the game "It's in the Bag."

And having had experience working at a grocery store, Ben was a shoo-in.

"They called my name down and I just got so excited, I jumped up and down," said Hartranft.

"If it wasn't for me learning my groceries or math, I wouldn't have won."

He didn't just win, he won $16,000. And nobody was more supportive than his family.

"I like to push Ben because I know he can accomplish so much. I couldn't have been prouder of my brother for sure," said Dan Hartranft, brother of Ben.

Ben has accomplished a lot: a career as a public speaker, an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show - the list goes on.

And for anyone who thinks autism could hold you back, Ben has a message for you.

"Having autism is not a bad thing, it does not categorize who we are. Everyone is unique and special," said Hartranft.

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