Police lights

RINGTOWN, Pa. - Police said a man suspected of DUI was seriously injured in a crash after losing consciousness and driving off the road. 

The incident occured on Ringtown Boulevard at 1:34 p.m. Saturday.

David Houser, 55, was arrested after he lost consciousness and drove his vehicle off the side of the road. Police said that Houser struck a rocky embankment, ripping of the muffler and fender liner of his car. 

Police said Houser reentered the roadway before losing consciousness again, this time striking the mailbox of the Jehovah Witness Kingdom Hall, said police. Houser drove into fencing at an adjacent residence before coming to a stop, according to authorities.

Police said that EMS had to revive Houser.

He was then transported to Schuylkill Medical Center East.

Houser's vehicle was towed. Police said charges will be filed based on testing conducted.