Hunterdon County, New Jersey is hoping to see its name in lights.

The Hunterdon County Film Commission was created after Governor Phil Murphy reinstated New Jersey's film tax incentive program.

Productions that meet specified requirements get a tax break for filming in the state. Hunterdon Film Commission chairperson and Clinton Mayor Janice Kovach says Hunterdon County plans to work with the NJ film commission to find projects that would be a good fit.

"It's this balance. How do you prove that there is a benefit to it [tax incentives]…there is no true way to prove it other than to see when someone comes in, who is going to thrive,” Kovach said.

Chris Phelan, President of the Hunterdon County Chamber of Commerce, says the county is among the first in the state to form its own film commission to capitalize off potential screen time. "It's an opportunity for those production companies to take a look at NJ, an opportunity…to bring reduction to the costs to the bottom line on a project,” he said.

The film commission says getting a film or TV shoot will be a collaboration with interested towns and locations as they understand not all municipalities will be interested.