PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. - The Phillipsburg Police Department is finally moving out of the black mold infested Corliss Avenue municipal building.

Mold was discovered in 2017 and other town offices relocated to Filmore Street but various challenges kept the police in the moldy building for almost three more years.

The department will now be run out of the former Andover Morris School on South Main Street. In a post on Facebook, Police Chief Rob Stettner wrote that while service won't change there may be a few weeks of inconvenience when filing things like firearms applications and asked for the public's cooperation.

Town officials say they're happy with the downtown location and thanked Phillipsburg Superintendent Greg Troxell for offering up space.

“The real heroes of this move are Chief of Police Rob Stettner and superintendent of schools Greg Troxell,” said Mayor Steve Ellis.

Ellis says the town won't face any fines from the state for failing to move the police department out of the moldy building sooner.

Council President Bobby Fulper says school district business will occupy half of the building and the police department will occupy the rest.

"I'm ecstatic that the police are out of harm's way and they can function,” Fulper said.

Council President Fulper says people shouldn't be alarmed at a sign in front of the new police department offices stating there is an environmental investigation at the site. In a letter shared with 69 News, a report states there is no contamination inside.

Fulper says the investigation is regarding a park next to the building.