Phillipsburg police chief frustrated with slow progress in relocating police department


PHILLIPSBURG, N.J. - Phillipsburg Town Council voted Wednesday to move the city's police department.

The department will be moved from the municipal building to the former Andover-Morris School on South Main Street, said Council President Robert Fulper.

Council felt the former school was the best fit for officers and residents because they have access to every section of town via Main street, Fulper said.

The decision came after a 60-day, state-ordered deadline to move the police department from its mold-infested headquarters or risk stiff penalties. Mold was discovered there in fall 2017.

Mayor Stephen Ellis had raised the idea of moving the police headquarters to an armory, but Fulper said "it was not a realistic or financially feasible option due to the amount of time the project would take to complete versus the date the Town would begin incurring fines from the Department of Health (January 10, 2020)."