Bahamas still one of the number-one vacation destinations even after hurricane, travel agent says


People in the Bahamas are still recovering, perhaps even still processing Dorian's devastation.

Lives lost. Homes destroyed. Thousands in need. Volunteers are en route to help rebuild.

The Bahamian government is encouraging tourists to come too. About half the country's income comes from visitors.

"When people come, they're spending money, it is very well needed, so please keep your vacations," said Jill Kuritz, who owns Never Grow Up Vacations.

She says the majority of top-traveled destinations in the Bahamas were unaffected by the storm, including well-known resorts like Atlantis.

"We've checked with all our ports, and all of them are fully operational," Kuritz said.

Some Cruiselines, like Carnival, plan to deliver supplies to hard-hit areas like Freeport in the next few days.

The Abaco and Grand Bahamas islands were impacted, and hotels there have been closed.

That region is home to about 15 percent of the nation's hotel inventory.

Some travelers rescheduled their vacations ahead of the storm. Kuritz says the storm has impacted airfare too.