Carbon County community gets glimpse of what it could expect if wind turbine project goes through


In a valley of open fields and vista views, Mitch Stadnik has his eyes focused above.

"Get a better idea, better perspective, from here a mile away pretty small," he said. "But that is not going to be the turbines obviously."

At 656 feet, balloons gave residents a visual perspective of the height of a wind turbine.

The top balloon was the tip of a turbine. The bottom was the height of the motor.

Broad Mountain Power wants to install 21 turbines across 4,000 acres of Broad Mountain in Packer Township.

"We are pretty passionate about renewable energy and believers in rationale for renewable energy and generating clean power and not create emissions," said project manager Rob Miller.

But the green energy comes with a cost.

"Going to ruin the scenic beauty of the valley. Might harm the animals," said 40-year resident Bob Hauser.

Signs of "no wind turbines" dot the landscape. Broad Mountain says the economic benefits will boost the entire region.

Barbara Genetti is on the township zoning hearing board and will help approve or deny the project.

"In 25 years have you ever had a decision as big as this one?" WFMZ's Bo Koltnow asked.

"No we haven't," she said.

After 10 public hearings, more are set for the fall. Those like Houser are hoping to fan the flame of citizen concern.

"I came here with nothing. I built what we have. I just don't want to see the mountain change. I want to see it stay the same," he said.