Jury selection underway in trial of Sean Kratz, accused in Bucks slayings


Jury selection is getting underway Monday in the trial of Sean Kratz.

Kratz is accused of working with Cosmo DiNardo to kill four young men at DiNardo's farm in Solebury Township, Bucks County, in 2017.

Kratz rejected a plea deal in May that would've taken the death penalty off of the table.

Potential jurors were asked to express their views and beliefs surrounding the death penalty, a punishment Sean Kratz could face for allegedly being part of killing Mark Sturgis, Tom Meo, and Dean Finocchiaro.

Cosmo Dinardo pleaded guilty to killing all three, along with Jimi Taro Patrick. Kratz is not accused in that murder.

Jurors in this case will have two big decisions: if Kratz is guilty of first-degree murder, and if so what punishment fits the crime, life in prison or death.

Attorneys are still selecting jurors.

The trial is expected to start November 6.

DiNardo pleaded guilty in 2018. He was sentenced to four life sentences. DiNardo is expected to testify against Kratz.