Monroe County man charged in attempted homicide allegedly threatens trooper


A Monroe County man accused of beating his girlfriend and stabbing the man who tried to help her now stands accused of also threatening a state police trooper who was guarding him at the hospital.

Pennsylvania State Police charged Tyler R. Papastefanou with attempted homicide and aggravated assault in connection with a domestic incident last Thursday in 6000 block of Little Bear Lane in Middle Smithfield Township. The 28-year-old allegedly choked and kicked his girlfriend before stabbing the man who came to help her.

After the alleged attack, Papastefanou drove away from the home before police arrived but crashed his car. Troopers found him passed out in the driver's seat and took him to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Pocono for treatment, according to authorities.

He was later transferred to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest in Salisbury Township, and a trooper from the Stroudsburg state police barracks was assigned to guard him while at the hospital, according to court records.

A Monroe County district judge arraigned Papastefanou on Friday night via video conference, setting bail at $150,000. Upon hearing his bail amount, Papastefanou, who was restrained in his hospital bed, allegedly tried to punch the trooper, according to court records.

Records indicate the judge instead ordered him held without bail.

The trooper reportedly needed help from hospital staff to handcuff Papastefanou's right arm to the bed. Once restrained, he allegedly spit in the trooper's eye and mouth.

As the trooper was leaving the room, Papastefanou allegedly yelled, "Wait till I get out," and "I'll get you."

Authorities charged Papastefanou with a felony count of aggravated harassment by a prisoner, a misdemeanor count of terroristic threats and summary counts of harassment in disorderly conduct. District Judge Rod Beck arraigned him in connection with the Salisbury Township charges on Saturday, setting bail at $100,000.

In Monroe County, Papastefanou faces a single count of attempted homicide, three counts of simple assault, two counts of aggravated assault and single counts of reckless endangerment, terroristic threats, unlawful restraint and DUI.