Neighbors want answers after several cars smashed in, damaged in Northampton County


Neighbors in the borough of Roseto, Northampton County are still cleaning up after vandals left several cars smashed in and damaged overnight.

The hunt is now on for whoever's responsible.

The street was covered with broken glass from shattered car windows. Neighbors are not happy and say they want some answers.

Terry and James LaBar are on their fifth roll of duct tape. The brothers spent the day taping up their car windows after waking up to a messy and disturbing scene.

"Just glass everywhere the entire inside of the car was filled with glass from back to front from hitting the windows and glass all over the street," James said.

They weren't alone. Neighbors say about ten cars parked along Garibaldi Avenue in Roseto were hit with vandalism.

The LaBars say as far as they know nothing was stolen, but they call the attacks frustrating and frightening.

"It's a couple hundred dollar deductible for each vehicle and the expense of closing it up and cleaning up and everything else," James said.

Next door, Bobby Gallo woke up to a dent in his car and his wife's side mirror knocked off.

"My car was one of the lucky ones I just got bashed on the side with what appears to be a wooden bat," said Gallo.

Roseto police say they're investigating.