1 charged with DUI, another with drug possession, police say


A trio of Allentown residents is facing felony drug charges after authorities arranged a four-pound meth buy through an informant.

Pennsylvania State Police along with members of the Allentown Police Department and the Lehigh County Drug Task Force conducted a drug sting Thursday afternoon at the Days Inn Hotel at 3400 Airport Road in Hanover Township.

A police source arranged to purchase four pounds of methamphetamine from 26-year-old Joan M. Tejada and 24-year-old Tianna A. Bigush and meet the pair at the hotel about 1 p.m. Thursday, according to court records. Police said the informant, Tejada, Bigush and 40-year-old Waldemar Cortes-Feliciano were expecting to make the drug delivery at a separate location using two vehicles, according to records.

The source told investigators that the meth would be carried to the vehicles in a backpack and that one of the people involved had a gun.

Police set up surveillance at the hotel and allegedly watched Tejada and Bigush get into a white SUV with Massachusetts plates. Cortes-Feliciano, who was carrying a backpack, got into the informant's car, according to police.

Authorities stopped the vehicles and took Bigush, Tejada and Cortes-Feliciano into custody. Police said Tejada was driving the white SUV and that a loaded Walther .380 handgun was found in the driver's side door. Bigush was sitting in the passenger seat, and police said they found a bag on the passenger floor allegedly containing 30 grams of meth, about 30 baggies of heroin, packaging material, a digital scale, rubber bands, suboxone packets and marijuana.

Investigators allege they found four pounds of meth in the backpack Cortes-Feliciano was carrying in the other car. He now faces a single felony count of possession with intent to deliver. District Judge Patricia Engler arraigned Cortes-Feliciano, of Tilghman Street, setting bail at $50,000.

Authorities charged Tejada, of Green Street, and Bigush, of North Sixth Street, each with two felony counts of possession with intent to deliver, four misdemeanor counts of possession of a controlled substance and one misdemeanor count of possession of drug paraphernalia. Tejada also faces a felony count of carrying a firearm without a license. Bail in their cases was also set at $50,000.

Each of the defendants was sent to Lehigh County Jail after failing to post bail to await preliminary hearings scheduled for Sept. 20.