Legislation moved for additional police protection


A Stroudsburg man is facing charges in connection with allegedly being involved in a conspiracy to illegally export firearm parts, firearm manufacturing tools, and defense services from the U.S. to Iraq.

Ross Roggio, 49, of Roggio Consulting Company, LLC, is said to be in violation of the Arms Export Control Act and the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.

He is facing charges of criminal conspiracy, illegal export of goods, wire fraud and money laundering.

Officials say beginning in January 2013, Roggio conspired to export items and services from the states to Iraq, without the required licenses to do so. Roggio allegedly purchased firearms parts and manufacturing tools and illegally exported the items to Iraq where they were used in the assembly of complete firearms in a firearms manufacturing plant operated in part by Roggio.

The alleged illegally exported items include M4 Bolt Gas Rings MIL; firing pin retainers; rifting combo buttons; and defense services.

Roggio also allegedly purchased items for a U.S. company and provided false information about the end-user of the items, according to officials, which resulted in the charge of wire fraud.

The combined maximum penalty under federal law for these offenses is 705 years of imprisonment.

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