Palmerton residents get tested for lead poisoning


The Department of Environmental Protection will conduct further soil tests on lead levels in Carbon County.

In March, the West End Day Care and Palmerton Borough Park were found with levels of lead and other metals exceeding statewide health standards.

It showed one sample from the West End Day Care in Palmerton found lead, cadmium and zinc levels which exceeded the statewide health standards.

Two samples from Palmerton Borough Park found high levels of lead and cadmium.

As a result, DEP recommended additional sampling at both locations.

Officials will collect 71 soil sample locations in the park and 12 random soil sample locations at West End Day Care.

The soil samples are going to be collected from a depth of 0-three inches.

The sampling is scheduled for August. DEP will make the results public when the sampling is complete.

This comes after a report last year which said the levels posed a health hazard for children and pregnant women living near the American Zinc Recycling facility in Palmerton.

The new testing which will be done in August is not related to the recycling facility.