Hazleton grad helps save life of California mall shooting victim


A Hazleton Area High School grad is being hailed a hero after saving a life in Tuesday's shooting at the Tanforan Mall in San Bruno, California.

"Everybody was running, people were screaming," Isaiah Locklear recalled.

Now working as a U.S. Army recruiter, Locklear was inside the army's mall office when shots rang out. Two teens were shot, one in the stomach and one in the leg. Locklear quickly surveyed the scene, jumping into action, and rushing to the aid of the teen shot the stomach, who was lying helpless on the ground.

"He started waving he told me, I've been shot, I've been shot," Locklear explained in a phone interview. "I ran over there, took my shirt off, I wrapped my hand around my shirt, started shoving my hand and shoving my fist into the wound."

While waiting for paramedics to arrive, Locklear comforted the injured teen, reassuring him everything would be alright.

"He was telling me, please don't let me die, I said you're not gonna die, I'm gonna stick with you, he wanted to call his mom and dad, talked to his mom and dad," Locklear said.

Both teen victims are expected to survive. Officials said they believe this shooting started because of an argument between two groups, involving the two victims. Two other teens have been taken into custody in connection with the case. One of the shooters is still at large.

Locklear said he's seen his share of violence, spending much of his early childhood in New York. His message to the teens involved is: "Violence is not the answer, not gonna get you nowhere, be the change, and be bigger and better than your environment."