If you want to adopt a miniature horse, you'll also need to adopt his best friend - a farm goose


Good friends are hard to come by. But as many of us know, they can come in any size or shape. Any species too, as it turns out.

Bucks County's SPCA adopts out big animals, depending on your definition of big.

Waffles, 6.5-year-old miniature horse, is small, but his personality isn't. He loves grass and carrots. There's one other thing he loves: a farm goose named Hemingway.

Waffles and Hemingway are buddies. A package deal. They are two peas in a pod that go way back.

"If you want to adopt Waffles, you have to adopt Hemingway. And if you want to adopt Hemingway, you have to adopt Waffles," said Linda Reider with the Bucks County SPCA.

"These animals were removed under warrant from a farm. The conditions were not good."

Perhaps that bonded them.

When Waffles was sick "there was Hemingway, standing with his hand and neck, comforting Waffles," Reider said.

People can check out the Bucks County SPCA's website to see when they are available to adopt. Both animals will be $300.