Allentown surgeon headed to Honduras with foundation to provide free surgeries to people in need


Dr. Peter Rovito is a man preparing for a mission.

The Allentown surgeon is part of the World Surgical Foundation, an organization headed to Honduras to provide free surgeries to people in need.

"You change their life significantly. Significantly," said Rovito.

The World Surgical Foundation travels several times a year to developing countries across the globe.

Dr. Rovito has been on 14 missions with the organization, which is based out of Harrisburg.

He says for each mission, team members must take medical supplies and materials needed for surgery with them.

They also train local surgeons on new, life-saving techniques.

"You show them how to use mesh to fix hernias, you show them how to do laparoscopic gallbladder's which is kind of a new thing," said Rovito. "You do one yourself but if you teach a couple guys to do it then you've done many more you know just by proxy."

Rovito says while the organization doesn't charge for the training or the surgeries, the patients often find special ways to express their gratitude.

"They would carve you presents," said Rovito." This dolphin this is kind of what they would do to pay you."

Rovito says keeping the missions on track takes money.

So the organization is having a benefit concert September 15 at the Forum in Harrisburg featuring internationally known violinist Odin Rathnam.

He says it's a night where everyone can help save lives.