Hundreds of inspiring signs hope to bring positivity to a Missouri community.

It all began five years ago, when Jennifer Hunsinger says her heart broke seeing the division between her neighbors during the heated 2016 presidential election.

She worried that once folks placed political signs in their yards, it would get even worse.

She and her daughters picked up some paper and markers, and created a campaign of her own.

Project Happiness was meant to last just four days, but that was five years ago.

Now, hundreds of happy signs can be seen when you're driving through Jennifer's Lee's Summit neighborhood in Missouri, about a half hour outside of Kansas City.

When the pandemic hit, she couldn't go door to door to deliver the yard signs with the positive thoughts, so she created a box and put the signs in there for people to pick up for their yards.

Jennifer says all of the positive messages are important for people to see and read.

She realized it was working, really raising people's spirits, and the project became an official charity in 2019 called Project Happiness LSMO.

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