A dog in Glendale, Arizona is the talk of the town, because of where she spends her time.

Some people think she's stuck, but that's not the case at all.

Nala the husky is the most popular dog on her block. She loves spending time outside in the sunny weather.

It's where she likes to sit that draws the attention of fellow pups and humans.

Nala loves to hang out on the roof of her house!

Her owner, Jason Camarena, says she basically serves as a security detail, keeping an eye on everything happening in the neighborhood.

Sometimes, she marches back and forth on the roof. Other times, she sits still, just watching.

Jason says someone knocked on his door once to find out if Nala was a statue.

Other times, people have called the police, thinking she was stuck and in need of help.

Jason has posted on social media that Nala is not stuck, but that has not stopped the gawkers.

He says his neighbors have given Nala the nickname "Pigeon" because she likes to hang out in the pigeons' territory.

Jason says he began to take care of Nala two years ago, when other family members could not provide the backyard that she needed.

He says she spends so much time on the roof, he and his mother have to set time limits on warmer days.

He says Nala also has a pool in the backyard where she can "take a break" and cool off.

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