Lehigh County Humane Society welcomes shelter animals ahead of Dorian


Hurricane Dorian is still churning up the East Coast, but now the Carolinas are on high alert.

With evacuations underway, it often means man's best friend gets left behind.

"A lot of animals will get abandoned or they'll be the last out of the house and maybe end up getting stuck there," said Deirdre Federico Snyder, development director for the Lehigh County Humane Society.

Lehigh County pairs up with the Grand Strand Humane Society in Myrtle Beach.

"They brought up about 85 animals to various shelters in the northeast," said Hal Warner, CEO of the Lehigh County Humane Society.

That means there are 10 new furry faces at the Lehigh County Humane Society.

"They're really happy. They were very hungry when they first got here but they're very happy to be here," said Federico Snyder.

The 10 are different breeds but all under the age of 2. The dogs will be up for adoption starting Thursday.

As the storm continues to move, workers at the humane society they're ready for whatever comes their way.

The shelter is also dealing with an overpopulation of cats right now. The humane society has 211 cats, including kittens, looking for homes.

Meanwhile, the Animal Rescue League of Berks County is on its way to Delaware now to pick up dozens of dogs and cats rescued from the Carolinas as well.