You know the names on their jerseys and now you'll have to a learn a few more. The Philadelphia Eagles have some new honorary team members, and they are all from a dairy farm in Chester County.

They will not be at the Super Bowl because they are cows, but wait until you see their uniforms.

The Kurtz family runs Kurtland Farms in Elverson and they are big Eagles fans, so when they had a few calves born on the farm they decided to have a little fun with their names and honor some of their favorite players.

Here's the Kurtz family with their newest additions:

"Cowce" is named after Jason Kelce.

"Moolata" after Jordan Mailata.

"Seam-al-moo" for Issac Saumalo.

"Milkerson" was named after Landon Dickerson.

And "Pascow" is for Zach Pascal.

They all have green jackets so they can be a part of the team.

They are having a lot of fun with this one. They'll be watching on Sunday for sure.

And the Kurtz have actually met some of the real life players in person. They have worked with them through the American Dairy Association to promote milk.

The Kurtz' say they are so thankful to the Eagles for working with them to talk to kids about dairy and the importance of a heathy lifestyle.

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